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Pictures courtesy of Matt Austin

Brand ambassador Monty Halls lives in Devon. He is a TV broadcaster, explorer and marine biologist best known for his BBC Great Escape series (Monty Halls' Great Escape, Monty Halls' Great Hebridean Escape and Monty Halls' Great Irish Escape) in which he lived and worked in remote parts of the UK and Ireland with his dog and best friend Reuben. Halls' other TV programmes include Great Ocean Adventures, Great Barrier Reef and most recently The Fisherman's Apprentice. Like the Quba team, Monty is passionate about the ocean and life on the Devon coast. His recently established 'Great Escapes' shop in Dartmouth represents the realisation of a lifelong dream, based on the principle that the only thing better than personally discovering more about the natural world, is doing it in the company of other people. To this end, the shop offers a series of courses and wildlife adventures, as well as books and DVDs, to give people a chance to enjoy South Devon's incredible flora, fauna and natural landscape.

Monty can be seen wearing our Quba gear in and around Dartmouth or out on the seas. The Quba team are currently making a bespoke X10 jacket for him, and we're also proud to have produced specially-commissioned Great Escape sailcloth holdalls for his forthcoming diving expeditions.

"The work I do both with eco-tours along the south coast of Devon, and on wildlife filming projects further afield, demands an intense relationship with the environment and heritage that surrounds me as I work. Quba clothing epitomises that relationship, a brand that is based in South Devon, draws it's inspiration (and indeed much of it's material!) from the ocean, the coast, and our intense relationship with it. The kit is not simply fashion orientated, it's robust, warm, and very much built for the job. I'm delighted to be associated with Quba, a local brand that has remained faithful to the land and the sea that continues to inspire it to this day." Monty Halls

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