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Quba & Co’s sailcloth collection provides a range of products made to replicate the authentic, and instantly-recognisable look & feel of genuine boat sails with bold zigzag stitching, large appliqué numbering, and signature embroidered patches... Our range of sailcloth jackets is home to the iconic, all-weather, fully waterproof technical sailing jacket, the “X10”. In addition, we proudly produce unique sailcloth-style homeware, bags, and accessories to compliment the adored nautical style of our ever-popular jackets.
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  1. Fluke Doorstop Fluke Doorstop
  2. X914 X-Series Laptop Case X914 X-Series Laptop Case
  3. X916 X-Series Passport Holder X916 X-Series Passport Holder
  4. X917 X-Series Wallet X917 X-Series Wallet
  5. X915 X-Series Tablet Case X915 X-Series Tablet Case
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