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Quba & Co’s sailcloth collection provides a range of products made to replicate the authentic, and instantly-recognisable look & feel of genuine boat sails with bold zigzag stitching, large appliqué numbering, and signature embroidered patches... Our range of sailcloth jackets is home to the iconic, all-weather, fully waterproof technical sailing jacket, the “X10”. In addition, we proudly produce unique sailcloth-style homeware, bags, and accessories to compliment the adored nautical style of our ever-popular jackets.
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  1. Fluke Doorstop Fluke Doorstop
  2. Rebel Large Barrel Bag Rebel Large Barrel Bag
  3. Tube Barrel Wash Bag Tube Barrel Wash Bag
  4. Wulf Square Wash Bag Wulf Square Wash Bag
  5. X914 X-Series Laptop Case X914 X-Series Laptop Case
  6. X916 X-Series Passport Holder X916 X-Series Passport Holder
  7. X917 X-Series Wallet X917 X-Series Wallet
  8. X915 X-Series Tablet Case X915 X-Series Tablet Case
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8 Items

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